Russhe Riemer, owner

From building forts and sewing clothes to cooking dinner, I’ve always loved the challenge of solving problems with limited resources.

My interest in problem solving and my love of art led me to pursue a career as a graphic designer. Since 1999, I’ve been designing under the name Clementine Designs.

cologneSMIn 2005, after a frustrating and costly search to find face lotion that didn’t irritate my skin, I started experimenting with making face lotion and all natural herbal products. My children were young and often needed something for cuts, scrapes and bruises, so I made Comfrey Salve. After several years of researching, experimenting, testing, and developing products, in 2007 I decided to sell my lotions and salves in an etsy store: aCarolinaClementine.

jacketI’ve been doing handworks since the age of 4, when I began hand sewing doll clothes. As a kid, I explored a range of making methods: crocheting, knitting, sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, basket weaving, drawing, and loom weaving. At 18, I bought a bunch of men’s dress shirts from the local thrift store, and ripped them into strips, and sewed them back together to make the quilt for my college bed. In 2007, I took a few wool sweaters washing machine accidents, and thought … what else can I do with these? They morphed into a bohemian knee-length jacket. That started a more focused mission: to explore the age-old art of repurposing, but with a modern twist, and add these products to my etsy store. These upcycled products branched into a line called MulliganRags, and in 2016 moved into their own shop.

In 2017, I realized what a hot mess I’d created with the different branding over the years. I consolidated everything under my name: russheHaus. My herbals are on etsy as “russheHausHerbals,” and my upcycled goods are on etsy as “russheHaus.”